Extrusion Components & Solutions

support your extrusion process

Solutions and components that make extrusion process efficient and productive.

Die rings, containers, dummy blocks, shears, stems and other All range of components and accessories related to die and extrusion press

Product characteristics are achieved by close cooperation with the final users and our design team.

Special attention is paid on this components to prevent easy handling and safe use.

Dummy blocks, shears, stems

We specialize in providing support to our customers with full range of auxiliary products required for competitive extrusion:

  • dummy blocks
  • shears
  • stems
  • others parts for extrusion process

Optimal product features are achieved by combining new design solutions, implementation of best materials available and combined with all-in-house manufacturing process including heat treatment.

Working with us Extrusion Components & Solutions

Working together with our customers on a long term basis is the key for final success.

Either you are asking for an offer or ordering the die sets, your preferred solution is just a step away:

step 1
provide the information on required dimensions of the parts, press and process paramaters

step 2
based on our offer the design proposal is sent to you for verification

step 3
die set is delivered and our support is available to optimize the result in the extrusion process